Silver Fox

Not too long ago I went on a friend trip to the south. The weather was warm with a breeze in the palm trees. We were close to the border and got to enjoy all the flavors that come from a mixture of cultures. It was a much needed break from the daily routine. My guide Ariel, very knowledgeable about the area, took me to all of the must eat at places. One night, at a local brewery (those are the rage every where it seems), a man approached.

My fellow companions and I were chowing down on fries and burgers when he asked how the fries were. Natalie, a little spit fire offered him some to try. Ariel joined us after a tour of the bathroom and was surprised to see this big bear of a man hovering our food. Jokes ensued and before we knew it we were offering him and his friend the samples we didn’t like. Us ladies decided to change locations and Manolo went back to comfort an ailing friend (the reason he was in the brewery in the first place).

Before we left, Manolo gave Natalie his card and asked us to let him know where we would be to sync up later. I was sure he was interested in both of my friends, though Ariel thought he liked all of us. Males of any age are so greedy when it comes to potential conquests. The more the better! The ladies’ night progressed and lo and behold Manolo did end up where we were. I didn’t talk to him much at first. I was in the middle of the group with Ariel talking to Manolo and Natalie with a guy she had made plans with earlier. With me as the odd man out I contented myself with my beer and jumped in and out of both conversations.

As the night progressed on Natalie and her date headed elsewhere leaving three little monkeys swinging from a vine. And then the fun began. I learned that Baloo was interested in me. Possibly helped along by the fact that he learned Ariel was spoken for, but none the less. The bar hoping continued and we soon learned all about Manolo’s children and ex wife. He was well spoken and driven. We ended up kissing and I thought ‘nice for a silver fox’. But Manolo was 12 my senior and it was a tad off putting to be kissed by someone with a decades worth of time separating us.

In the end I went back home and he stayed put. We talked about planning travel to see each other but in the end decided it was too big a gamble. I do wonder though, what could have happened if we were in the same place?

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