Rajah Brooke's Birdwing


Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl had a best friend. The friendship grew and shifted as they did until one day the girl hit a very rough patch in her life and she became a little broken. Things were not as she dreamed they would be. She was disillusioned with the world and all the horrors in it.

She could not find rhyme or reason to all of the pain and hurt people can cause others with so little justice. Rapists get off with serving a few months of probation while petty drug charges are met with years of time behind bars. Pedophiles roam our streets and are protected by people claiming higher love and forgiveness while people traffic in other human beings for profit.

People have children with no intention or thought to their well being or upbringing. Sometimes this goes as far as selling their children to be used by others. We destroy our planet and kill the other species which have just as much a right to be here as we do, if not more because they have no self interest beyond perpetuating their genetic line. In a time when a world of knowledge is at our finger tips there is rampant willful ignorance.

This girl came to the edge of a precipice in her search for what life was all about. The edge of which was just as dark as the rest of the world. She found no meaning, no point, except for people to deal with whatever horribleness life gave them. People deserving of punishment were not guaranteed to get it and those who seemed least deserving had havoc pushed upon them. All of this made the game of life unappealing.

This girl, in her time of need reached out to someone who should have been a support and instead this friend made the situation worse by making it about herself. The friend brought her own troubles to the table and said that if the broken girl couldn’t handle her problems then she couldn’t help the broken one either.

Of course this interaction only enforced what the broken one thought of the world. The selfish self centered nature of people who can’t see beyond their own world. Everyone is dealing with pain but sometimes perspective of that pain in comparison to what other’s are dealing with is healthy.

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