From Here to There and There to Here

After a 5 year hiatus a resurfacing. There is much to share, but where to begin? What started as a space to collect dating experiences in has turned into an opportunity to reveal so much more. Fulfillment of all things hoped for (a life partner, a child deeply urned for, a home) but more importantly the road to this place. One filled with anger, disappointment, heartache, fear, growth. Emotions so fierce, ending my journey prematurely was greatly considered. I am driven to capture those things and present them here. If nothing more than as a sincere sign of gratitude for this present place. But aspiring to give even a glimmer of hope to those who feel as I once did, lost in the pain of dreams unrealized. This is a joyful message trimmed with the reality of the everyday. Dreams coming true is really possible, if we are brave enough to keep seeking them and are willing for them to look a tad different than the standard fairytale.

The first post of this blog from 2018 was re-posted as reminder to the writer of the starting point. From here new content filling the gap between here and there.

Please bare with me as I relearn this tool and explore all the new offerings on WordPress (a lot has changed in 5 years).

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