Space and Time

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Reading back through previous posts some topics touched upon will be revisited through fresh eyes. It is looking like a fresh start in general.

There is a raw quality to posts 5 years ago which will now have the veneer of time. And with that we go back waaaaayyyyyy back.


The Doorway

I’d spent the last 3 years traveling around nationally and internationally consulting for an IT firm. It was exciting and empowering, especially since it was something I had NEVER imagined myself doing. A modern woman I was not. At 15 I knew what I wanted to do with my life and it had nothing to do with seeing the world, being independent or ‘being a boss’. What I wanted more than anything was to get married and have kids. That was what I carried with me to college where I picked a degree that would only be of use if academia was in the cards. 

Through a slew of fortunate opportunities, happy accidents and a little listening to my inner voice I ended up in the business world but sans life partner. That being said I was making the most of the career path life had offered up. Add in some more luck and the company I was with landed a contract in Washington, D.C. A place I had been dreaming about (literally) for years. I had a feeling that whatever or whoever was going to happen in my life to make it ‘complete’ would have something to do with that location, and boy was I right, just not in the way I thought. 

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