The Scramble

Panicked aptly describes my feeling after learning money ran out for my companies’ services at the water treatment facility. How did this happen?! How do I get back to DC?! Will another contract in the DC area open up and how can I grab it before someone else does in my firm? I hadn’t met my destiny yet! That can’t be it can it?

Turns out my colleague had known that money was being pulled from our contract but didn’t bother to let me or management know. What could have been saved was flushed without a chance of saving it. I was livid. The joker coworker was messing with my future and with no apologies. Plus it’s bad business. How dare he? 

Venting my frustration to the manager over the region may have helped me get into position to be first in line for the next job that opened up three months later. This time in Maryland at a government post. The role was different, but at least I was back where I wanted to be location wise. There, I thought, another chance to find what has been beckoning me.

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