New Gig

Ah, the mid Atlantic in summer…muggy, buggy, heat radiating off of the buildings. To take my mind off it and making opportunities to get out in the city I tried to make plans with the old water treatment crew. Sam was always game. The others had fallen by the wayside. This new post wasn’t long term, four to six weeks at most so there was no case for an apartment. Which meant staying in hotels and flying home every weekend. Not bad, but limited the amount of free and fun time in the city. Sam and I managed to hang out a few times. He had decided against proposing to his girlfriend. They were still living together in the awkward dance that comes when housing is expensive and the break up isn’t bad enough to make couch surfing on friends’ pull outs appealing. 

I myself was on a merry go round of trying to break things off with my back home beau Dan. Why break things off with Dan you may ask? He was kind, willing, thoughtful, had his own business, owned his own home, emotionally available. And in the face of all that something wasn’t quite ‘right’. There was an absence of deep connection, a lack that could have been pushed aside, at least for a few years, had I had the desire to ignore the tug from my gut. 

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