Squid Ink

Entry of Lupo Verde

Ah reality, you know when it comes crashing in like an ogre? That was the feeling I was left with after the first week of work at the new job. I had never felt pressure like what engulfed me like at this post. The amount of paperwork, security, and clearance screenings needed just to get access to the building was what I should have expected but more than I was prepared for. As my grandpa would say, ‘it was not Mickey Mouse stuff’.

My coworkers, kind, but all technically my seniors took me to lunch with White House personnel my second day. I barely opened my mouth, even to put food in it, the whole meal. I was that in awe. Basically the whole week it was sit down, keep my mouth closed and learn the ropes. Not the message anyone gave me, but I was so on edge I didn’t want to make a wrong move. Luckily I had help on my side, a senior consultant in my group who knew the Fed space inside and out (at least from where I sat).

Come the weekend I needed to unwind like a tightly coiled spring. Since travel to see my boyfriend Dan back home wasn’t scheduled for a couple weeks it was time to get to know my new neighborhood, in other words, grocery shop. The Trader Joe’s on 14th between T and U was a 10 minute walk away. Saturday morning I headed over, after picking up breakfast from the coffee shop down the street. On the way I passed a funky liquor store, an ice cream shop, a place to get a good cortado and guava empanadas, and a cute little bistro by the name of Lupo Verde.

With grocery bags loaded with sustenance for the week to come I took another pass at Lupo Verde. After reading the menu posted outside I decided to stop in for dinner that night. Freshened up from a day of grueling expense report entries my feet took me back to the corner of 14th and T St. 

I was delighted to see an exciting and diverse Italian menu, from which squid ink pasta was the winner for my dinner. My taste buds were so happy with the choice my mind almost forgot the week I had had (or the one to come). With a meal that made Lupo one of my favorite restaurants in DC, I added it to the tippy top of the list of places to take Dan when he came to visit.

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