Back to DC

With my commitment to Dan newly solidified, I was borderline ambivalent when given a new contract back in DC. It started in September, which meant another week or so at home before being gone for a few months.

Dan wasn’t exactly thrilled. The contract couldn’t support travel to and from location every week. As a compromise and to make the long distance relationship easier, Dan and I would each travel one weekend a month to see each other.We focused on the positives, traveling and exploring DC more, the food scene, and growing our frequent flyer miles.

Once I was actually looking at furnished apartments the twitch of excitement came alive. The English basement that would be my home for the next few months was cute. In a neighborhood I liked. A quick walk away from 14th and U, which for those who haven’t been is hopping with restaurants, bars and nightlife.

My new job was in the Federal space and I felt quite important at the idea of going to and from the office everyday. Little did I know my teammates were connected to people who had access to come and go from the most powerful buildings in the Nation.

The siren’s call of DC was starting to gain hold and by the time I was kissing Dan good bye at the airport ready to head East, I was alight with anticipation of the adventure about to unfold.

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