Pacific Shore – Poem

How I long for the Pacific shore, for the misty rain and the forests so raw.

Where the air is fresh, and the waters clean, mountains rise, with a power that gleams.

Longing for days, roaming through the green, sun shining down, and a gentle breeze.

The scent of pine, the sound of the sea, laughter of friends so free.

For the Pacific Northwest holds a special place, the depths of my heart, a smile on my face.

A place where I feel I belong and I’m free, my heart it sings out, with a longing for thee.

So I close my eyes, and I dream of that place, the tall trees towering, and the rain on my face.

For the Pacific Northwest, will always be home, longing for the day, when I’ll finally roam.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

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