Natural Flow

Questions bombarded me as I went about my regular life. Regular life which included doing the job I got paid for. The contract in DC was progressing well, measuring growth of the team with training provided by yours truly. The time was passing quickly. Sooner than I would have liked and without a major revelation, the engagement was over and I was headed back home to wrap up the summer remotely.

Working on admin tasks from the comfort of my own abode, life was mostly quiet. Spending time with Dan doing normal couple things. Making meals together, picking something on Netflix to watch before bed, doing laundry – life. The routine of comfort and the known began to dull my urning for something else.

This was where I really wanted to be. In a relationship with good potential, a stable job if not career, independence. Dan was sweet, uncomplicated, easy going. Did I mention his business was personal training? Let’s be honest good to look at it doesn’t hurt. We were floating along enjoying the ease of a young relationship. And then one day he looked at me and said ‘you’re my favorite’.

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