Waste Treatment

My first project in DC was at a water treatment facility. The crew was small compared to what I’d been used to, a total of two guys. Plus another member of my team and me made four. I was actually there to take over for my colleague who was heading to another site. Soon the number was three.  So there we were, three folks doing what we do. I was immediately taken with one staff member, Mikyle. We went for drinks regularly with some of the other employees and became quite chummy, among the others a guy named Sam. Soft spoken and generally quiet, Sam and I found common ground in traveling and good food. He had a long time girlfriend who he was planning on proposing to, I had a short term boyfriend back home that I was trying to break it off with. Building a bond with Sam allowed me to safely hover in Mikyle’s general vicinity and be a little more relaxed. I had picked up on Mikyle’s appeal with the other ladies on staff and was able to gather his last flame was in the same office, which explained some odd looks from her when I had first arrived. 

That being said we built a happy little trio, Mikyle, Sam and me. Those were enjoyable and mostly carefree times. I got to admire the view of Mikyle while actually building a solid friendship with Sam. I was loving my time at the epicenter of our nation’s capital. I had never LIVED somewhere so powerful. It made me feel more accomplished just for renting an apartment in DC (Virginia actually but close enough) and working there. Things were going along happily, I was energized and full of hope at what being in this place would bring. I had been there three months when the bottom fell out on our contract and I had to head home. 

Photo by Christian Catamo on Pexels.com

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